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I am the power, who can consolidate the scattered chunks and build a life;

I am the power, who can usher glee in melancholy;

I am the power,  who can dare to reach the zenith from the darkest depth;

I am the power, who can wear a calm demeanour while contesting the whirlpool of ordeals;

I am the power, who can make the journey memorable and the destination attainable;

I am the power, who can infuse courage to effect a change;

I am the power, who can throttle a tyrant from power and give birth to a leader;

I am the power,  who shaped history to build future; I am the power, often disregarded until I reckon with force when bewildered;

I am in Me, I am in You, I am in We.

(When Inner-strength or the power in withing us is a characteristic trait of an individual…

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Hello Everyone,

Media is powerful, media can build fortunes and at the same time can bring the curtains downs on an empire.  What is Media at first place?

Definition of media:

Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages are disseminated. Media includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax, and internet. Media is the plural of medium and can take a plural or singular verb, depending on the sense intended (Source:

The definition of media shows its importance in the society.  It is a medium of communication that could be effectively used to create awareness, bring about a change, realise dreams, inspire thoughts, put forth the truth and everything in the wake of giving rise to positivity and spreading it across the life of an individual and society there on.


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Let me start this time by reading a page from my life which makes me feel to this day that I should have acted before reacting.

I kept my best friend at bay, didn’t speake to her for years, didn’t invite her to my marriage and held a huge grudge for years before the distance between us finally rounded off to zero.  But what instigated me to take a U-turn in our relationship? That’s because I chose to listen and believe the banter of one my team-mate who happens to be on our common contact list (just an acquaintance now) against my best friend. She made me believe that my friend did back bitch about me and my ways. I was taken aback and was furious within. “How could she?” Was my reaction. I was still cordial with my friend but started distancing myself from her.

All those…

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Power” – having it boosts one’s confidence and when it is “Superpower” it gives an adrenaline rush.  To possess a superpower is everyone’s fantasy and I am not an exception. In fact, I won’t mind the plural form.

There’s a list, in fact, a big one that I dream of, fantasize to have.  Being invisible, peeping into other’s mind so that I don’t have to read between the lines, freezing everyone including moments to a standstill, being able to travel in the blink of an eye from one place to another ( just imagine how much we could save on airfares 😁) and so on. I must confess our movies have contributed a lot in shaping up this list.

But if God is ready to grant me two boons I would choose these two:

  • Ability to time travel on my terms (and conditions not applying to…

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I, as an individual hold “generosity” in high regards of all values a human must possess.  Because that is what makes a human “A Human”.  If your heart is unmoved and untouched by other’s misery then you are just any other specie born on earth, scientifically called Homo-sapiens and just a link of this eco-system.  Nothing great to brag about, right?

And my very idea of being a human was shaped up by my father and in due course of my life I have met many people (some in my contact list and some unknown) who made me hold on to this value very dearly.

Talking about my inspiration, my father I would like to quote one thing best describing his outlook

“Exhibiting a value you believe in need no audience and no appreciation in reciprocation “

Yes this is how he was. I would like to mention one incident…

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I was in school when I read this line “Man is a social animal“.

As I grew up I realised that it made so much sense as a human being cannot live in solitude.  He needs constant support of the society around him for his survival.

And what’s Society? It’s You + Me = WE.

It’s all about inter-dependence, co-ordination and co-operation.

But over the ages with the evolution and development of civilizations across the globe the society has not just been an integral part of a man’s life as a support system but started poking nose into the private matters of his life and tuned more hostile, encroaching the space, the domain not meant for trespassing.

Petty examples explaining the gravity of the situation, of how the “society” is not just around us but very much in our living room or perhaps (worse) in…

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The other day as I was about to enter the house my attention was caught by an uninvited guest at my doorstep.  His presence did startle and disturb me.

Me: “Excuse me! Who are you? What are you doing here at my doorstep? You are surely not invited by anyone.

The uninvited guest with a wicked smile replied me: “Hi, I am Weed, Green Weed and always uninvited and unwanted but that never deterred me from making my presence felt. I am omnipresent 😂😂😂.

His answer was not as straight as it seemed which I discovered later. And my questions continued…

Me: “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You know that you are unwanted and still so boisterous about your identity.  People tweak you, trample over you, throw you out and still you have no self-respect that you keep coming back. Why?

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This time entries were very less as the picture was bit difficult to interpret. But those of you who have interpreted it were excellent. You all impressed me so much.

Let’s see the entries:

Sanskriti Khound: Let me be lit like those humans on social media

Kuljeet Saini: Together let’s light up the world.
Preeta Bhatnagar: Sometimes I need to stop myself from working too much!

Kalpana K Vogeti: Plugin and switch on your “Wit” mode and see how otherwise gloomy room lights up.

Nerella Sima Das: Limited light in Bondage.

Drew McLeod: Release me from this prison of useless ideas! 💡 💡

Amiya Kumar: Let me lit the light of wisdom to dispel the darkness of ignorance.

Isaac Mohanty: Let the light be seen by every body not to be confined. 


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If Interviews Are Answered Honestly



We have numerous researched posts on various platforms as to how one shall prepare for job interviews to crack them successfully.   But I really wonder what if someone answers interview honestly, like if their inner voice can be heard.

** This is not a generalisation and just a satirical take**

Interviewer:  Tell us about yourself.

Applicant:  My CV is self-explanatory about the “Self” you want to know and the “Self ” not mentioned there is irrelevant to this discussion unless you want to hangout with me after office hours and discussions doesn’t include PPT and excel sheets.

Interviewer:  So what is your motivation to apply for this job?

Applicant: Well tags like “Unemployed” , ” Useless “, “burden” and many more following the suit made me desperate rather than motivate. So I am here!

Interviewer: Tell us about your previous job.

Applicant: Slogging and working as an ass were the crucial roles of my previous job.  Do I need say enough after decorating them with rosy and glossy words in my CV?

Interviewer: So why did you leave your previous job?

Applicant: Well, I was on the verge of being fired so I kicked the ball first before it’s in their court and they kick me instead. But the company’s accusation was completely baseless and I can contest it on any day.  They accused me of mixing my personal life with professional and failing to deliver there of.  But the fact is that there was no personal life left. Life was dangling between customer satisfaction and targets which are never best companions standing on same ground.


Interviewer: Tell us what do you know about our company?

Applicant: As much as you have mentioned on your website that I have mugged up minutes before entering this room.  And frankly speaking how much does it matter.

interviewer:  So where do you see yourself in next five years?

Applicant: That depends what matters to you the most – talent & know-how of work or talent & know-how of maintaining PR.


Interviewer: What are your salary expectations?

Applicant: That’s an interesting but futile question. No matter what our expectations are you must be having a figure predetermined reducing this question to just a routine.  But since you have asked this I want to say that my salary should make sense rather than me struggling to pay my nominal bills at the end of every month.

Interviewer:  When can you join?

Applicant:  Well my bank statements urge me to take on the “Mission Of Survival” immediately so can I have the letter of appointment?

Interviewer:  We will let you know soon.

Applicant:  Are you Sure? Your expressions don’t match your words. I got my answer but still I will wait as there’s nothing better I have to or can do.

**Disclaimer: Taking it seriously can be  injurious to your careers’s health**





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