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Hi Everyone,

How are you doing?  Are you enjoying the winters or despising it?  Well, I had my share of cursing the weather when I was in Brussels.  It was grey and gloomy back there and worse thing is we have it for a greater part of the year😟.  Now I am in Delhi, enjoying “dilli ki sardi”.  India has always been colorful and winters have a different charm.  Aroma of delicacies traveling all the way from kitchen when you are in a place just next to heaven i.e. under your quilt, pure ecstasy !  And hot lip smacking street food has always been Delhi’s speciality.  Golden rays of sun filtering through the green leaves wishing you in the front yard of the house (Okay, make it balconies as yards are not seen everywhere in cities) along with the ever inquisitive and more than friends neighbours is a fun of…

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If mirror could speak the truth


I was in 4th grade when I  read the story of “Snow White “.  Beautiful story, isn’t it?   Every character is still fresh in my mind.  There was a step mother character who was evil and lived with the only intention of harming her step daughter and the central character “Snow White”.  And along with this evil intention she had an obsession of talking to mirror and expecting an answer pacifying her false notion of being very beautiful, in fact the most beautiful. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s beautiful of them all” she used to question her magic mirror.  But the answer that her mirror gave made her go green with envy.  Answer was “Snow White” and the drama unfolds.

But I wonder what if the question was the other way round “who is the ugliest?” Or even better if the mirror could speak the truth.  That wicked queen might have amended her ways then.

Well, isn’t it an interesting thought to introspect “what if the mirror could speak the truth?” What if it could show the real “US”.

As a part of human tendency very conveniently we pass judgements on others. “She is shrewd”, “he is rude”, “a very boring personality”, “dumb”, “irritating” and every possible adjective you could think of.   But one thing we always forget – if our one finger points out at other, rest of the three-point at us.  Which simply means before we judge others we should think once “what we are/ how we are as a person”.

So next time before we brand a person we shall ask our mirror to show the real we, what say?

Where are we heading towards?

Hi Everyone,

31st December,  all news channels flashing pictures of New Year celebrations across the world where everyone bade goodbye to 2016 and welcomed 2017 with pomp.   Be it London or Dubai, the sky was illuminated with millions of colourful stars which were there for seconds.  Joy was in air (though I fail to understand till date why so much fanfare as it’s just a change in calendar 😞).

And as I was surfing channels two incidents stuck me really hard.   The First one was about the terrorist attack in Turkey.  39 innocent people killed in a nightclub when maniacs entered the nightclub and unleashed the ambush of bullets, spraying on everything and everyone present there.   Blood and gore all around.  And the culprits still at bay.  And what purpose has been served with this cowardice act?  God only knows.  On this note these creepy, not fit to be called human must know that they are maligning the name of God by associating God and terrorism, calling it a war, a crusade against the sinners or unbelievers.  It simply baffles me and leaves me annoyed to no ends to know the fact that innocent lives are being sacrificed in the name of religion/ God.  I  believe it’s better to be an atheist than to misinterpret the message of God and creating havoc.

The second incident that left me fuming and hurt is from my land, India.  Once again the question “is India safe for women?” Or rather a statement that “India is unsafe for women” has raised its head and our eyebrows.   This time its the city of Bengaluru.  Women were physically abused in full public glare.  But no arm had enough power to combat the wrong and no voice had strength to rise against the insult done, not just to women but to humanity.  But what is more appalling is how the administrators of state behaved.  The victim was questioned, her character put in dock, insensitive questions like “what was she wearing?”, “what she was doing out at that hour?”, “was she accompanied by a male or not?”, “was she boozing?” were raised.  Isn’t it infuriating when the elected leaders of the government bodies make derogatory remarks like:

  • Molestation happens because girl was not careful and was aping western culture by wearing short dresses or enjoying with friends with some drinks.
  • Women are like sugar and men are ants so their actions are not questionable or objectionable.
  • Boys will be boys, thus issuing them the license to go haywire.

For all those idiots making such idiotic comments I have few questions:

  • Agreed that short dresses are not a part of our “culture” but is molestation/rape a part of our culture?
  • It’s very convenient to put the blame on victim in such cases saying that it is the victim who provoked men with their actions and dressing sense but what provocation is involved when a girl child of as young as five-year old (may be more younger) falls prey to such heinous crimes?
  • What about women who face such atrocities behind the closed doors of their homes by someone closely related?
  • How would you analyse the mentality of people from your own cadre (read leaders) who were caught watching porn in assembly where they were supposed to discharge their duties towards the nation?

The two incidents that I spoke about are caught in the eye of camera but across the world, everyday many untoward acts are taking place that would hang the head of humanity in shame and make us question ourselves “where are we heading towards?”.  We’re in times where we are training our pets to be orderly and behave like human but ourselves, we are losing our credentials to be called human.

Just think about it.


Fade Away

Hi Everyone,

This is my trial with crayons.  I was not sure if I should bring it forth or not.  After a lot of self questioning I thought opinions do matter especially when you are trying something new.  Take a look and do let me know your honest opinion or rather how you felt.

As we have just entered into new year one more year has been added to history data.  And as we march further  many moments/ memories  would gradually fade away till completely lost in the vast ocean of time.  This is how I perceive it:


Don’t let your soul be sorrow stricken because of events that are a matter of past now.  Everything will “Fade Away”.

What is that you are hopeful about?

Hi Everyone,

Before proceeding further I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.  We all had our share of joys and sorrows; surprises and shocks; love and hate; friends and foes in the year which has just passed away (I hope this is a correct expression to use ☺).  So we all are stepping into a new year (I know it’s just a change of number 16 to 17, but change is a change nevertheless) with memories both fond and otherwise and hopes of betterment in the near future.

“Better” as in?  Better job, better pay, better position, better movies, government policies😏, better wardrobe, better vacations and blah blah.  We surely hope and want better of everything we had so far, right?

On that note I would like to announce what I want or rather hopeful about in the new year:

  • No more procrastination:  Yes, I procrastinate a lot.  So much so that I never woke up at the first buzz of alarm and don’t ask me about how I  finish my chores😕.  I am really hopeful of chucking that habit in the new year with more tight schedules awaiting me in future.
  • A better person in making :  With all the moments – good, bad, ugly; arguments; fights that were a part my roller coaster year of 2016 serving as my guide I am hopeful to evolve as a better person this year.  A strong person who can forget and forgive others’ follies and at the same time accept own mistakes.  More patience, balanced approach toward situations, control of emotions is what I aspire to acquire this year.  With some amazing people who I  met last year around I am pretty hopeful of fulfilling my promise that I made to myself.
  • And not to forget my blogging world:  Last year gave me the much-needed direction and support to my weeping soul and that is this platform of blogging.  I am happy to be here, connecting to wonderful people all around the globe, having an insight into the different thought schools of different people and their experiences, their talents.  It is an ecstasy of different level to be heard and appreciated.   Though my blogs are not major crowd pullers but I hope new year would see new heights for sure.  And as a blogger who wants views, likes and comments my new year resolution is that I would take out more time to read my fellow bloggers work.  I know it’s embarrassing that I find it hard to keep up the pace when it comes to reading all the updates (with two little devils it is little tough) but I know it for sure that reciprocation is the key to success in blogging and I should grab that key earliest.

This is my petty wish list or perhaps my resolution list for the new year.  I wonder what figures in your list?  Do we have anything in common?  Do share with me what is that you are hopeful about this year.





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Hi Everyone,

“Don’t give up war just because you lost a battle”.

More often than not we make ourselves believe that failure is the “End”.  End of our trials, end of patience,  end of journey towards the destination.  It might definitely be end, but end of one way of looking at things and not the dead-end with no other way out.  We let our failure dwell so deeply into our heads that we accept it as defeat.

Well it’s time to brush up our perceptions and change the way we look at such “ends” (read failures).  We have plethora of examples of exceptional people who changed their fates and the way world looks at them with their faith, clinging onto the bleak ray of hope they had and not to mention their perseverance.  My dear friend Rajnandini, have already mentioned many greats in her post that I don’t want to…

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Would you like to dance with me?


Hi Everyone ,

My question is to you only, would you like to dance with me?  Since year is drawing close to an end and many parties round the corner are you prepared to don your dancing shoes?

What did you say?  You don’t  know how to dance.  So what, I am not a professional  either and we shall not dance to impress but to express.  Isn’t it right approach?   So let your hair down and dance, dance like there’s no tomorrow ,  dance like no one is watching you.  And feel the beat, let your feet move to the tune of your favourite number, doesn’t really matter even if you have two left feet.  Every  movement  with happiness adds grace to your moves, period!   And if you still feel awkward just close your eyes, put on your headsets, turn on your favourite song and let your imagination hit the dance floor.  This is what I  do when I  can’t dance physically and I bet I am a dancing diva there who can share the stage with likes of Michael Jackson (only name that comes to one’s mind on the mere mention of word dance).  Isn’t it ecstasy of a kind.

Dance definitely works as a stress reliving therapy.  If you don’t believe me give it a try once behind closed doors and let me know your experience.   And I am sure you would agree with me then.

Ok, let’s put the therapy aside.  Dance is not only a stress reliever but a great exercise to burn calories the fun way.  If you are more “into logic” person then also dance is for you.

So going by any account of benefit that  dancing carries it’s a must try for every soul because “ABCD” – Anybody Can Dance.

So, would you like to dance with me?

Not just a cup of coffee


Hi Everyone,

(It could be your story too😉)

John was waiting for the lift to arrive at his 10th floor apartment.  He seemed to be a little restless and a little agitated. Shaking one leg in nervousness he was anything but calm.  To add to his irritation lift was taking a life time to arrive.   And imagine if one is greeted with a foolish question in the morning when the mind is dancing amidst the tides of negative emotions and face is reluctant to show anything except frown.

“Good morning Mr.John, waiting for the lift? asked one of his neighbour as he opened the door to collect milk bottles left at his door.  Answer to this question is  quite obvious but John sarcastically (not in so good spirit ) said “no sir I am waiting for the next Rajnikanth (Indian superstar) movie to release”.  And when you are in a bad state of mind (read bad mood, irritation mode) it really pisses you off when your sarcasm is replied with a pinch of salt.  And John’s neighbour did the same when he said “do let me know when it is released” with a chuckle.

Before John could say anything else the lift arrived and the neighbour closed the door behind his back.  John entered into the lift and the descend begun.  As soon as he reached his car in the parking lot another question awaited him.

“Good morning Mr.John, going to office?” another neighbor  asked.  To this John gave another twisted answer which was really dry (more or less rude).  He said “no, who told you that I am going to office today.  Actually I was planning to visit discotheque on a Monday morning dressed formally, what fun it would be when probably even the bouncers won’t be there at the entrance”.  “You are a funny guy” said the neighbor and left.  So did John.

On reaching office he was immediately summoned to his boss’ cabin. A real headache!

His boss said “John you need to pull up your socks, month end is round the corner and still we are far away from the target.  Buck up, buck up!”  John was listening to all this with a straight face but inside him a voice was yelling “stop pulling my leg first, your month end starts from the 15th itself and I have pulled up my socks enough that now I can see the tear in that.  You want me to pull up my socks so that you could buy a tuxedo for yourself.  You selfish beast”.  But all he could do is listen and leave.

As he was leaving his boss’ cabin he met his friend who wished him.  Almost at the breaking point John said “I have a request, if you don’t want to jeopardize our friendship don’t ask me anything and don’t say anything to me right now.  Just let’s go and grab a cup of coffee” and almost at the wind speed without awaiting friend’s consent he took him to canteen.  His friend was in a fix looking at John’s face.

A sip off a steaming cup of coffee felt so soothing on tounge but the real effect was something beyond words. Ecstasy it was.

“Hmmm, now I can think and talk properly.  I just can’t tell how I much I missed you” John was uttering while letting coffee soothe his senses on a rather bumpy day.  His friend was watching him astonished and thought “really?  You missed me, funny, isn’t it?  To this John said “of course it is funny because I was talking about this cup of coffee which I missed having in the morning.  It’s not just a cup of coffee but the very much-needed kickstart to the day.  I can do without liquid cash for few days, can go on instant noodle diet for few weeks, can work overtime without being paid for few months but nothing would drive me crazy just as a missed cup of coffee in the morning.  The mood swings caused by a missed cup of coffee are just as PMS would do to women.  I can relate to that, in fact every avid coffee lover could relate to this.

It’s simply not just a cup of coffee you see 🙂

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