Super Mom or Ordinary Mother

Hi Everyone,

Over the years our dictionaries have seen a multiple fold increase in the number of words that have been introduced for use.  But one word which I am not sure we would find in any dictionary but have been using or hearing constantly these days is “Super ” Mom.

What is or rather who is Super Mom?   Can an adjective define or distinguish one mother from another?  How different is this Super Mom from an ordinary mother?

Being a mother of two myself I constantly try to evaluate myself as a mother.  Am I doing enough for my kids, am I going that extra mile for my kids?  In terms of their nutrition, health, behaviour, overall development are my kids doing well and par with kids of their age?  And in this process I see my counterparts as well.  Many of them are working mothers.  At this point I want to confess that I have always been in awe of all those wonderful ladies who are beautifully balancing between two fronts- work and home.  But does this make a full time mother less important?  Never ever.  Having always been surrounded with women who played their role as a full time mothers to the perfection I would never be passing any statement that would in any way discriminate or disregard their efforts.

Then who decides who is better?  Seriously I have no answer for that.  Every mother, working or not has her own worries concerning her kids.  A working mother might be able to give financially secure future to her kids but she constantly battles the fear of not being able to give ample time to the present of her little ones or their security when she is not around.  On the other hand a mother who is not working “Out” have other worries in her heart.  “Am I lagging behind others in providing my kids all round development?” is one of the most prominent concern that crosses her mind/ heart.

I am sure all the wonderful mothers out there could relate to this.

So coming back to our question, does “Super mom” exists?  Yes, every mother is SUPER, her working status has no bearing on her relationship and love with her kids.  She is the one who always try to better herself to give the best to her children.  No person out of that realm can decide or describe what kind of a mother a mother is. Because no word, no other person can define a mother.  A mother can never be ordinary .  She will always at the pinnacle of all relationships we come across as humans.




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