Layers- hide

Hi Everyone,

Layers of make-up hide beauty.

Layers of sugar-coated words hide deceit.

Layers of files suppress justice beneath.

Layers of earth hide volcanoes underneath.

Layers of rituals hide truth.

Layers of religion hide God and destroy humanity.

Layers of lies hide truth.

What’s the need of hour?

Bunch of rays of hope to penetrate deep into the layers of darkness of helpless ness.

Sword of wisdom to cut through the layers of misconceptions.

One word of love to destroy the layers of hatred.

Because after all they are layers and not walls.






Source: Layers

5 thoughts on “Layers- hide

  1. Beautifully written . Your writing seems to make me taste life twice , in the moment & in the retrospect. Lovely post . Thanks for such incredible work . Thank u for sharing it!


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