Crisis- See our definition

Hi Everyone,

And a special Hello to all the lovely ladies out there! crisis, a small word embracing anything and everything starting from financial  disruptions of a household to something really critical such as war.  But today I would like to talk crisis on a little lighter note which is by no mean a trivial matter when taken a look from our perspective, from a woman’s perspective.

This is a question to all the beautiful ladies (gentlemen can also answer on behalf of ladies of and in their lives).  Has it happened that a party is round the corner and the first  and foremost worry that lingers in your mind is “What shall I wear?” Or the general expression that comes on your face, a frown exclaiming “I have nothing to wear!” 🙂  No matter our cupboards might be overflowing with  trendy outfits but for that important (seemingly for us) occasion “we don’t have anything to wear”.  And that’s what I call a real crisis.

Why a crisis?  All of us want to look best among everyone in the party, can anyone deny that?  And most importantly  a rule of thumb needs to followed: NO REPETITION.  This  needs to be followed even more rigidly when every party have more or less same set of guests.  Therefore repetition is a fashion offence.  Hence it is proven that a party round the corner and no time to shop, we are in crisis.

I would also like to mention the fear of being copied, or being called a copy cat ourselves looms large in our minds.  That might not be in good taste always.  Actually this sort of incidence happened with me, that too on a very important day of my life.  It was on my wedding reception that I noticed one of our guest  wearing almost a same saree, an Indian dress (same colour combination and pattern) and till this day when I watch the DVD of that party I feel “Oh I am not in limelight!:( I am not the only one here”  Such things for us definitely matter much.  We want to stand out!

If we are fortunate enough and the party falls during the month of sale, then that invites a different kind of crisis:

  • Firstly we have to take time out of busy schedules and go for the kill in the first week itself.  Reason: weeks progress the best stuff goes with the wind.
  • There is always a greater possibility that the design we chose may not have the desired size.
  • And choosing a colour, its nothing less than a war.  We women have an eye to great detailing and that’s why blue is not just blue for us.  There is turquoise, sea blue, navy blue, sky blue, peacock-blue, metallic blue and every blue under the sun.  So when next time any man points out “you already have outfit of this colour” give him the shade card.  So guys, please respect what we choose as it is never an easy task.
  • And finally job is not done with clothes alone; matching accessories and make-up make up our list.  Since the time news about the party broke till the time we enter the venue our mind works on so many permutations and combinations about our look.

So, Party and Shopping are inseparable and so is our worry “what to wear” for the party.  And when the multitasking brain of a woman is burdened with this question that’s nothing but a “CRISIS”.

Do let me know your experiences, I am waiting😉


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