Dear Boss, I don’t want a “Hike”

Hi Everyone,

This is for everyone who has a boss, who has an appraisal system and awaits a hike and gets it too but only to leave more astonishment behind.

Dear Boss,

I am writing to let you know how much I respect you.  You are the reason behind my fitness.  You may be amused to know and want to know how.  Simple, because you make sure my chase for my dreams never ends which means more you run more you loose and stay fit!  And I am loosing a lot!  You are the reason behind my peaceful life.  You might be wondering how.  Because by the time I reach home television starts showcasing tele-shopping products and at that hour there would be no one around to talk. Less talks, lesser arguments, least number of fights.  Family life is “piece”ful.  Thank you again.  You are the reason behind my popularity on  social networks because socializing has  gone for a toss.  You are the person who taught me how to be patient in face of stupidity and irrelevant stuff.

And on top of this you promise to give a hike in my salary.  I am overwhelmed.  So what if it amounts to peanuts by every standard it is “Hike” nevertheless.  So what if such “Hike” is always negated by soaring prices, it is “Hike” nevertheless.   And I understand how difficult it has been for you to stand and fight on my behalf for this “Hike”.  I am simply overwhelmed.

Since I understand your undying, unconditional love for me and I can’t see you suffering for my benefits I would like to propose an idea.  I don’t want “Hike”.   How about a I-phone 7 or  a family package of paid holiday (offshore) every six months or anything equivalent every year.  Or even better (from family’s perspective): if either education expenses or medical expenses are being taken care of I don’t want “Hike”.

I know that you have immense respect for me and my calibre, this is what you told me in my last appraisal and also when I was making up my mind to look for another job.  I am really moved by those words of yours.  That’s why I want to ease the pressure of you and don’t want a “Hike”.

Eagerly looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Hard working employee.







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14 thoughts on “Dear Boss, I don’t want a “Hike”

  1. This is amazing although some of us were promised hikes we remain on entry pay as the company announce profits and dividends to shareholders which leave nothing in the pot for anyone to get a pay rise. Owing to rising prices we have taken a pay cut year on year while helping the company to split in two, spin off unprofitable sections and increase the dividend paid to shareholders as well as bonuses to those at the top.

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