There should be no satiation for knowledge

Hello Everyone,

Small story:

Once upon a time there was a pot maker in a village.  His occupation was to make pots, pots of different sizes and colours.  His son used to observe him, the way he used to spin the wheel, mould clay, dried them up and finally pots were ready for sale.  The son soon developed an immense interest in the occupation and learned the process from his father.  And started making pots.  But he was never satisfied.  He wanted to give his occupation a twist of art.  Tried to improve himself every day.  Soon he became famous for the variety of pots he showcased.  He mastered the art of preparing not just pots but gave a new definition to pottery.  He was still unsatisfied.  He now wanted to learn the art of sculpting.  He did embark on his journey of attaining a new skill.  Soon he achieved success in beautifying stones.  The journey to perfection continued till he carved a masterpiece.  He was very happy with the outcome so was everyone.  Soon the word spread and people from nearby villages, towns came to see his craftsmanship.  He was basking in his new-found glory.  So carried away by this attention his sculpture got that he started refusing pot making orders.  One day an elderly man from his own village came to him and requested him if he could make some pots and earthen lamps as it was his daughter’s marriage, he needed them for storage and decoration. The pot maker right away refused him and said “go and search an ordinary potter, I am a masterpiece maker and no more indulge in petty orders, I only carve beauty”.  Despite his several requests potter didn’t budge.  Now the word about his arrogance also spread across even faster than earlier because negative word have wings and it takes no time to travel .  Slowly orders dried up.  No one came to him either for pots or sculptures.  Now he started to struggle to make ends meet for his family.  With no one to help in his village and people jeering at him, he was turning towards depression.   One day while sitting idle he thought of going and meeting his cousin who was in nearby village.  His cousin was his only hope in this hour of gloom.

The potter reached his cousin’s place.  After exchanging pleasantries his cousin asked him to stay back in the room and take rest and he would be back from front yard finishing his work.  He was a potter too.  But instead of staying back in room the potter decided to watch his cousin at work.

Watching his cousin moulding clay his heart yearned to let his hands soiled.  He traveled in time to his golden days when pottery was his love and his work loved by all.  Coming back to his senses (to present) he murmured “how come my pots have no demand where as my brother is minting money, am I not a better craftsman”. This was over heard by his cousin.  At that moment he decided to keep mum and continue his work.  At night his cousin answered his doubt “dear brother, you are right, on any given day you are a better craftsman than me.  As a matter of fact you are not just a craftsman but an artist.  Who can ever forget the famous sculpture that you have produced.  But at this moment you have no work.  The only reason is that you forgot your roots.  Carried away by the tide of praises you were no longer grounded.  You thought this is it and stopped learning.  And arrogance filled in your head which should house nothing but knowledge”.  This moved the Potter to tears and the night passed in repentance.

Moral of the story:  Never ever be sated with the knowledge you have.  Nothing is everything, never think that “I know it all”.  More humble we are more prepared we are to acquire knowledge and there is no end to knowledge.   Staying connected to your roots is an unwritten rule of life, elevated from roots elimination is for sure.  And more importantly no one is indispensable.  There would always be a replacement to take your place, be it work or life.

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