Smartness or loss of innocence

Quill & Parchment

Hello Everyone,

“Childhood is a golden phase of life laced with innocence – try to keep it intact”.

Remember hide and seek, catch me if you can, marbles, dolls, ghar-ghar (don’t know how to translate meaningfully☺), skip the rope?  And the list goes on.

So what’s the catch?  Well, catch is apart from sweet memories and carefree giggles most of the games we used to play in our childhood gave us the requisite amount of physical activity which is an integral part of healthy lifestyle.

I am 31 years old and strongly feel that I belong to a different era.  An era of Tom and Jerry, Jungle book on Sundays; an era of carrom board games during the day time and badminton in the evenings during summer vacations.  And the most important and beautiful aspect of that era is “innocence”.  Fights were there but sans guns,  questions were there but…

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