An email could have made the difference

Quill & Parchment


Hi Everyone,

Anuj – the most decent, well read, efficient employee in the office.  His efficiency as an employee and decency as a man is known to everyone but no one had a hint of knowledge he beholds or the talent that dwells in him.  Because he is an introvert, never speaks much, never lets opinion escape his lips unless official and asked for.  That is the possible reason he is taken for granted sometimes by his peers (world appreciates things at face value rather than true value😔).

As his days were passing in monotony which he was oblivious to, enters Anjali, a new employee in the office.  Vivacious is one word that defines her.  Always  full of life she could turn dull conversations into lively moments.  An extrovert, knows the art of tact to put forth her opinion and she was thus liked by one and all.  And…

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