Would you like to dance with me?


Hi Everyone ,

My question is to you only, would you like to dance with me?  Since year is drawing close to an end and many parties round the corner are you prepared to don your dancing shoes?

What did you say?  You don’t  know how to dance.  So what, I am not a professional  either and we shall not dance to impress but to express.  Isn’t it right approach?   So let your hair down and dance, dance like there’s no tomorrow ,  dance like no one is watching you.  And feel the beat, let your feet move to the tune of your favourite number, doesn’t really matter even if you have two left feet.  Every  movement  with happiness adds grace to your moves, period!   And if you still feel awkward just close your eyes, put on your headsets, turn on your favourite song and let your imagination hit the dance floor.  This is what I  do when I  can’t dance physically and I bet I am a dancing diva there who can share the stage with likes of Michael Jackson (only name that comes to one’s mind on the mere mention of word dance).  Isn’t it ecstasy of a kind.

Dance definitely works as a stress reliving therapy.  If you don’t believe me give it a try once behind closed doors and let me know your experience.   And I am sure you would agree with me then.

Ok, let’s put the therapy aside.  Dance is not only a stress reliever but a great exercise to burn calories the fun way.  If you are more “into logic” person then also dance is for you.

So going by any account of benefit that  dancing carries it’s a must try for every soul because “ABCD” – Anybody Can Dance.

So, would you like to dance with me?

12 thoughts on “Would you like to dance with me?

      1. 👍👌🙏
        Reciprocation has been the way of life.
        Visit my two latest posts and put your comment as to how you feel about them.
        Everyone is busy in their own world.
        My world is for Men & Women ,😃😀


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