What is that you are hopeful about?

Hi Everyone,

Before proceeding further I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.  We all had our share of joys and sorrows; surprises and shocks; love and hate; friends and foes in the year which has just passed away (I hope this is a correct expression to use ☺).  So we all are stepping into a new year (I know it’s just a change of number 16 to 17, but change is a change nevertheless) with memories both fond and otherwise and hopes of betterment in the near future.

“Better” as in?  Better job, better pay, better position, better movies, government policies😏, better wardrobe, better vacations and blah blah.  We surely hope and want better of everything we had so far, right?

On that note I would like to announce what I want or rather hopeful about in the new year:

  • No more procrastination:  Yes, I procrastinate a lot.  So much so that I never woke up at the first buzz of alarm and don’t ask me about how I  finish my chores😕.  I am really hopeful of chucking that habit in the new year with more tight schedules awaiting me in future.
  • A better person in making :  With all the moments – good, bad, ugly; arguments; fights that were a part my roller coaster year of 2016 serving as my guide I am hopeful to evolve as a better person this year.  A strong person who can forget and forgive others’ follies and at the same time accept own mistakes.  More patience, balanced approach toward situations, control of emotions is what I aspire to acquire this year.  With some amazing people who I  met last year around I am pretty hopeful of fulfilling my promise that I made to myself.
  • And not to forget my blogging world:  Last year gave me the much-needed direction and support to my weeping soul and that is this platform of blogging.  I am happy to be here, connecting to wonderful people all around the globe, having an insight into the different thought schools of different people and their experiences, their talents.  It is an ecstasy of different level to be heard and appreciated.   Though my blogs are not major crowd pullers but I hope new year would see new heights for sure.  And as a blogger who wants views, likes and comments my new year resolution is that I would take out more time to read my fellow bloggers work.  I know it’s embarrassing that I find it hard to keep up the pace when it comes to reading all the updates (with two little devils it is little tough) but I know it for sure that reciprocation is the key to success in blogging and I should grab that key earliest.

This is my petty wish list or perhaps my resolution list for the new year.  I wonder what figures in your list?  Do we have anything in common?  Do share with me what is that you are hopeful about this year.





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8 thoughts on “What is that you are hopeful about?

  1. Nicely written.
    but I wonder why I don’t take such decisions. I am rather like a river, flowing as it is, no such expectations, no such worries, I just feel like a leaf flowing on the river. Hopefully after reading countless resolutions.. I​ might finally conclude on what I have to do. As such nothing is in mind, totally clear, like a blank page.


    1. First of all thank you for stopping by. And wish you a very happy new year. I think your comment is more beautiful than what i have written. And having no expectations and worrries is bliss and a greatest blessing. May God always bless you with such bliss dear.

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      1. Thats so sweet of you to say. You have written it wonderfully. Its just am a person who doesnt focus on all these resolutions .

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  2. As I try to be a better person each year, one of the thoughts that has helped me a lot lately was a proverb you quoted, “The humble tree bends down its branches to give fruit.” (That might not be exactly how you stated it, but it is how I remember it.) When I am tempted to argue with someone just to prove I am right, I remember that quote and I stop. I want to remember to offer thoughts that will support others, not use my opinions like heavy branches as weapons. So thank you!


      1. I don’t get around and comment on blogs as much as I wish I did! But the things keeping me busy have been good things like visits from friends and family. Happy new year to you too!


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