WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?

Note: Fiction but a virtual truth of many lives today.

Hello Everyone,

Summer vacations and kids at Grandma’s place, such a bliss!  Some shopping, spa time and some quality time with hubby dear – this was all playing in Supriya’s mind.  Daily chaos – kids, home, office to be taken care of and something which she regretted a lot was lack of time (more than obviously).  As a result of which someone else (better say something) entered into their lives and equations have changed forever.

Now it’s time for setting the equations right, thought Supriya.

It was Saturday, Supriya had a long day at salon – her much-needed break and makeover.  She looked fabulous.  She was really happy to see the outcome and hoping to get noticed (well women’s’ greatest confidence booster when a hefty amount is spent on wardrobe and salon is getting noticed 😀).

She reached home and the moment she stepped in her only expectation was to be complimented.  And she waited, waited and waited longer till she could hold it no more and broke the silence first.  “You didn’t even notice my new haircut.  Tell me how I look?” She asked excitedly but in a complaining tone.   To this her husband lifting his gaze from his I-pad looked at her and said “yeah you look good” in a tone which was nowhere equal to his wife’s excitement.  We women can accept brutal honesty even if it is negative but lukewarm responses do irritate us.  So was Supriya.  To add to her irritation her husband said “well your new haircut reminds me that there is a new collection of movies on Netflix, we must catch up” and again he was busy with his new companion leaving Supriya sulking.  She so wished to disconnect the WiFi so that she could get some attention but never mind data packages are there to spoil it entirely.

And days kept passing without an iota of change.

She needed her husband back who used to have a conversation with her like a pal and to this she took this extreme step and left a note:

“By the time you get up after your late night sittings with your gadget I would have left.  I am leaving for my new project work, will be back in 15 days.  Don’t try to call me as it’s a remote area with no phone or WiFi connectivity.  Enjoy your alone time, see you soon”.

With this she left no avenue of contact for him as well as left him wondering how to go about the daily chores beginning with a cup of coffee.  He was baffled as there was no prior intimation to him.

15 days passed and Supriya was back.  Her husband was happy to see her and enquired her well-being.  He said ” I am so happy to see you.  I missed you a lot. I was so worried about you.  I have realised how much you do for me” he continued and Supriya was in no mood to stop it as she was thinking “come on, let it your emotions flow.  Let me know how much you love me and missed me, I am enjoying it.  Waited for it so long”.

“But I must tell you this” her husband said and she was brought back to senses “what he is up to now” she thought. ” What is it?” she asked with a tinge of suspicion in her voice and a raised eyebrow.

“I know you love me very dearly but I must admit that you have made me completely dependent on you.  My life would have been in shackles had it not been Google and YouTube came to my rescue and you being away for so long.  I just wonder what I could have done without WiFi and internet.  From preparing a cup of coffee to taking care of laundry – it taught me everything.   I think you should take up more projects like that without worrying about me because WiFi is there when wife isn’t” he concluded with a laugh.

Obviously that doesn’t go down well with Supriya and she did play her next move when kids were back and can you guess what was it?

“Going abroad for two months as a part of official project.  I hope you can take care of kids as well along with home because you have WiFi, right?  See you soon” 😀😀😀.

Moral of the story: 

  • Never ever take wife for granted.
  • Remember wife is great, nothing or no one can replace her.
  • Think before you speak especially before your wife.




3 thoughts on “WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?

  1. hahaha Good One. I should have got this courage to take up such a ‘non-intimated’ trip those days. I did switch off WI-Fi but it all ended up downloaded pdfs from office to read at home. It was no-cooking cum no-cleaning strike that made him realize ‘how much does it take to be at home lively & what it is to run a family’ lol. yet another wise choice on topic. good one Kalpana. 🙂


    1. Thanks Lakshmi Garu but I must say you are brave enough to take that “Non-co-operation” movement step to set things straight. I have to muster enough courage yet, thanks for giving me a useful insight😀


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