Parental Guidance – Be More Careful Parents

Hello Everyone,

As the title suggests this is specially for parents, to be specific parents of kids (age bracket, I leave this task for you😀)

Without beating around the bush I would like to know from parents themselves how do they decide which movie their kids should watch?  Isn’t it obvious – of course the film certification stating the suitable age group aids the decision.  I am sure everyone is aware of the different classifications.  Here parental guidance is clearly guided beforehand.

Basically parents can safeguard their kids against any kind of sleaze, blood, gore and anything which is not meant for the tender minds with certifications on display.

But it might come across as a shock that kids need monitoring against the seemingly safe content that they watch especially on YouTube (one of the most widely viewed, there can be other online sources too).  There can be no denial that kids of this generation are more or less net savvy thanks to their early exposure, knowingly or unknowingly to the gadgets and WiFi connections.  There can be numerous reasons accredited to this.  Our nuclear family set ups, less time spent with family, our own addiction and submission to internet (after all kids follow our footsteps ☺) and so on.

What’s the threat?   Recently I caught my two years old  daughter watching a video on YouTube which apparently had no adult content but the portrayal of characters in that video was just unacceptable.  It showed a family of four (two daughters aged around 8-15 years, a father and a mother), everyone with a pacifier in their mouths and doing pretty much nothing but destroying things.  Throwing bad tantrums along with objects was predominant in that video which was meant for viewership of toddlers.  That was pretty much in a bad taste.  I immediately switched it off.

One more example:  Recently I read that famous cartoon “Peppa Pig” is having a negative impact on the target audience, you know whom I refer to.  The central character is a loud, inconsiderate, spoiled child (a pig as the name suggests) with haute tempers.

Considering the tender minds kids have such kind of portrayals influence their behaviour in the long run if not checked in time.  It might sound bizarre but continuous viewing of such  negative characters train kids to exhibit traits that they watch.  They might turn aggressive, throwing tantrums at the drop of hat, indifferent towards their siblings and responsibilities as well.

The irony is the animations and videos designed specifically for young ones are falling short of the most important aspects that should be their highlights – subtlety and drive home a point.  Aspects such as Body shaming, violence, bullying are gradually having  sedimentation into the content meant for kids providing wrong illustrations altogether.  This is not only pitiable but an alarming situation.

Therefore as parents we should be vigilant enough to monitor the view list of our tiny tots.

Reason:. They watch, they learn, period.  This is the only reason why we are constantly careful about our behaviour, about the language we use in front of our kids, isn’t it?  We want to set right examples.  Then why not go that extra mile?

Think about it.

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