The More…..

The more I think about you, the more I want to know about you.

The more I know about you, the more I want to talk about you.

The more I talk about you, the more I want the world to listen about you.

What is so special about you that any snide directed towards you makes me uncomfortable?

Why I can’t turn oblivion to the insidious designs destined to make you fragile & vulnerable?

I questioned myself again and again the reason behind my disconsolate state.

The child in me replied “haven’t she fed you with scrumptious delicacies”

The student in me replied “haven’t she imparted you  the important lesson of Vasudaivya Kutumbakam”

The adolescent in me replied “haven’t she introduced you to the  effervescent dances of life”

The fighter spirit in me replied “haven’t she raised you with the stories of valour, which in number are equal to those of sand particles present on the sea shore”

The humanist in me replied “isn’t she the one that nurtured Gautam Buddha in her lap who remained epitome of love and peace”

The family loving person in me replied “haven’t she mothered Lord Rama to guide you in how to shoulder your responsibilities”

The righteous person in me replied “haven’t she gifted you with the epic of Lord Krishna to strengthen your belief in truth”

The ever analytical self of me replied “isn’t She the one who promised tranquillity of mind and soul haven’t and bestowed Yoga. Isn’t she the pioneer of every life science”

The explorer in me replied “haven’t she treasured the precious Vedas and Upanishads for you to unearth the real meaning of life”

The traveller in me replied “haven’t  the celestial rivers adorning her quenched thirst of your eyes, haven’t her snow clad crown  caged your gaze; haven’t the pearls of sun kissed sea bedazzled you; haven’t her lush green accessories made your heart skip a beat, haven’t the colourful celebrations of life imbedded in her soul made you dance with glee”

The patriot in me replied “how can you ever erase all these beautiful memories that you had with her”

I have innumerable answers now, leaving me more convoluted yet awestruck.

The more deeper I dig into the roots the higher I have to look to search the summit of your character.

The more I turn back the history pages the more I care for future.

The more I learn about the truth the more determined I become to dispel the darkness of lies surrounding your name.

The more vicious conspiracies turn the more I want to reveal your pious facet to restore serenity.

The more I am ready to abreast the adversities that stand at your doorsteps the more I bow down at your feet.

 I am fortunate to be born, play and grown in your lap,

I am blessed with the warmth of your embrace and wish to rest there till I turn cold.

I wish to dedicate every breath of mine in your service for I can never repay you in this life.

Jai Hind

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