I Sense A Presence III

Loss of her father left Sally devastated. It took her months to be convinced to set herself out in the open air again. Her marriage with Henry was stalled momentarily, it was a mutual decision though. That gruesome incident left Sally so shocked, absorbed by anxiety. Fear was her new constant companion. She feared slightest breeze that ruffled past her ears. Shadows loomed large for her where as softest tinkling of the bells too echoed quite eloquently. It was a chaos. Henry had to intervene and started sessions with a therapist. Sessions rolled but the effect was not as huge as envisaged.

Henry had to persuade her to move in together to a new place for change of the scenery, distance from the gore that house has witnessed could possibly be a last resort to help Sally. And then Henry chose this exquisitely beautiful house for his lady love in the countryside. His efforts did pay off when Sally unexpectedly posed if he would still love to be a part of her life, handling her madness & vulnerabilities and having her back; giving her the ground to touch the sky of her dreams as she is very much ready to soak her soul completely in his colours. And the answer was a big YES with a bear hug. And soon they got married and moved to their dream house. In her heart of hearts though she knew that she was still away from the shores of complete recovery but one thing she was certain of was that with Henry on her side she will conquer every fear of hers. And to lose him is the biggest fear of all.


Henry who fell asleep in the chair next to Sally’s headrest was suddenly woken up by some commotion outside. He yawned and checked his phone. It was nine in the morning. A glance at Sally, she was in blissful sleep. He got up, freshened up and went to prepare coffee and breakfast for both of them. As he entered the kitchen the patch got his attention. Immediately he checked for the plumber services in the area and made an online request. And he got busy in the kitchen meanwhile checking some news online. Within 20 minutes he got responses of various service providers. “Thank God we are in internet era” he thought as he was going through different bids to do the work. Soon one plumber was zeroed in and contacted.

Henry brought the breakfast and greeted Sally with a kiss on her forehead “Honey, get up, don’t you want to reward this faithful servant of yours who got your favourite breakfast walking upto you right down here”. Henry, for a natural he was, always used to tease and tweak just the right way to make Sally smile, laugh and of course go weak in her knees. Sally reluctantly tossing in her sheets hid her face with a pillow murmured “Henryyyy…let me sleep baby…pleeeeease…will have it later”. Henry tried to playfully take off the pillow and said “hurry up someone waiting for you in the kitchen for the last time”. His hands were playful but words had a different intonation to them. This made Sally sprung up straight in her bed. “What do you mean by that?” She was intrigued by his words and posed him a question.

Henry maintained an emotionless straight face for about ten seconds before he burst out into a peal of laughter. “I am really sorry Sally, the lady who was living in our kitchen without your permission is bading us goodbye today. A plumber is coming to fix her, I mean that patch”. To this act of Henry Sally put up a charade of being angry only to melt in Henry’s embrace.

Both lost in the trance of a soulful embrace. Henry muttered “you have only me to trouble you in this house my darling, nothing or no one else can dare to do so. I have all the bonafide rights“. He chuckled and made Sally smile ear to ear…….

7 thoughts on “I Sense A Presence III

  1. There’s not much of horror in this chapter. It’s just a great extension from the point where you left last time.

    But I am sure there’s more to that patch in the kitchen which will be revealed in the following episodes for sure. Entertaining and really enjoying this series…. kudos, Kalpana.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I thought I can’t rush things to induce horror in every chapter. Build up is important, so this one is dull or say nil on horror account. But I hope this build up helps to keep the interest of the readers. Thanks for your honest opinion and time to read this. Its overwhelming

      Liked by 1 person

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