I Sense A Presence XVII

Josh left the cafe with his head full – full of disbelief about how his friend got entangled in utter nonsense; with a tug of war engaging within whether to step back or go ahead he reached his office. As he was exchanging pleasantries with his colleagues, one of his friend casually showed an online video about “haunted/cursed buildings” of the history. Many stories woven around those buildings led to their abandonment and not to mention how they featured on the bucket list of many adventure seekers. But what happened to those adventure lovers not revealed. How once a piece of beautiful architecture is now secluded and scary, the roots to be searched in the numerous folk tales, rumours aired, the history and few pair of eyes that witnessed silently a belief being built. “Do you believe in these stories?”one colleague from the group asked the man who was showing the video. ” We are seekers, all we need is a proof and witness. Don’t try to cross check my beliefs, the reason why I showed you this video is that it is better than those tiktok videos” and a loud laugh ensued.

That’s what stuck Josh instantly – witnesses!! How about mining it there he thought to himself as the huddle dispersed. Just as he was settling in his chair to began his day at work his phone chimed. It was Sally who texted him the real estate agency details.

Josh was on a personal mission now that meant he have to trend rather carefully. He himself was not convinced about why he agreed to embark on this journey into the past. Though he got the details of the real estate agency that facilitated this deal but Josh wasn’t sure if this approach is going to dig out the truth. He was skeptical, being a police doesn’t mean deriving information would be easy and considering the reason behind his investigation being quite bizarre . So he decided to trend a different path for his investigation.

“Agencies, department, files – they are all about dimensions, commissions, census, houses but I need to peep into a home. I need to search for a lens that witnessed the time very closely. I need that good old neighbour who is a witness to different transitions that transpired behind those walls” Josh thought.

With the help of his friend working in local municipality office he got details of the old neighbors around the house where Sally resided. One particular lady Mrs.Philipe was around 90 years old and had been a resident in that area since her childhood. Josh was taking his chances as he was toying with a vague idea of inquiring the neighbor under the disguise of a potential buyer for the Sally’s house.

As he ascended the stairs leading to the doorstep of Mrs.Philipe his brain was at the verge of an explosion. Ironically and more or less funnily tales that he heard in his childhood from his grandmother were doing rounds, tales about supernatural phenomenas, ghosts, out of this world creatures and everything entailing were told in abundance along with stories of kings, knights, fairies and everything in between. He chuckled and waved his head in disbelief both at the stories and why he was doing this after all.

He rang the bell and waited at the door. He was sure that getting into a strangers house won’t be easy but luck smiled upon him as the door was opened in an unfathomable manner by his long lost friend from high school Ken.

Josh didn’t recognize him first but it was the other way round. “My Gracious God I never thought of seeing you again Josh, how are you?” Ken was all grin. It took few moments to recollect and recognize and he did exchanged pleasantries.

“Tell me what brought you here and before that tell how are you, where are you, what are you doing?” Ken was clearly excited of this unusual meeting. Josh was also happy of this reunion but the business in his mind kept h busy with permutations and combinations.

Josh rushed through the answers to the questions he was asked and finally reached to the actual purpose of his visit. “Actually my broker was supposed to show the house on the opposite lane, I waited for long but he didn’t turn up. Any idea how this locality is, how that house is …” Josh mumbled a bit.

“Is the house listed, didn’t see in the local papers” Ken exclaimed (Josh was a bit nervous now searching for an answer to his friend’s very valid question). ” Well, it’s not listed yet an informal intimation you see”Josh chuckled nervously. “Oh I see. Anyways I don’t live here as much as I love to be but I am sure my grandmother might give you some insights about the area and houses in her 4-5 km radius. She spent her entire life here and yes a very good neighbor who knows her neighbors and neighborhood well (Ken winked)” and he left to bring his grandmother.

Josh sat in the hall as his eyes took a tour of the same. The walls were adorned with numerous photographs that aged with the walls. His wait was over with the entry of Ken’s grandmother. For a 90+ woman she was quite agile. Standing on her feet, walked with almost no support. She definitely aged well. A brief introduction and Ken announced the purpose of his friend’s visit.

As soom as she heard the address the first thing that escaped her mouth was “that’s cursed!”……

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