I Sense A Presence XIX

Josh rushed to see Sally, she sounded quite disturbed. In his rush he didn’t heed any attention towards the letter that grandam handed over to him. He simply shoved it inside his pocket.

He rang the doorbell and waited at the door. It was taking unusually long for Sally to open the door and that rendered a certain amount of curiosity and restlessness in Josh. He peeped through the the windows to see if Sally is around or not. There was no trace of Sally.

As Josh turned to leave the door behind his back slowly opened. Sally was standing there with an iron bar in her hands. She firmly held yet was shivering tremendously. She was in a distorted state. She was pale and profusely perspired.

Josh wasted no time in holding her as if he meant to say “I have your back”. He took her inside, made her sit and rushed to offer her water. Just as she took a sip from the glass he asked “What happened to you Sally? What took you so long to open the door? Why are you holding this bar? You don’t look fine, tell me what happened?”.

With feeble hands she pointed towards the staircase running down to the basement. Josh looked over his shoulder in the direction she pointed and within a moment turned to ask her what it was about.

“someone came from here, someone is here. I was attacked” Sally said in a breaking and shaky voice. “What! I didn’t get you. Attacked as in? Are you sure? I mean it might be some bad dream” Josh wanted to ascertain the situation, therefore was apparently dismissive to begin with.

“I was here in the hall when She tried to choke me from behind. I struggled my way to the room upstairs and called you…” And before Sally could finish the word “She” caught Josh’s attention.

“You said She, how do you know it was “She” and who was it? Do you remember anything?” Josh was now in action. But Sally’s answer this time hinted some underlying problem.

Sally in a lot more composed yet illusionary tone said “I know it’s the lady on the wall. From the first day she had an eye on me, I can feel her presence. Her presence is suffocating me”. Josh was both confused and concerned for his friend now. He looked at the wall she pointed towards to find absolutely nothing.

“There’s nothing. I think you had a sort of nightmare. You probably need some rest. First you said there’s someone from the basement, now you are pointing towards the wall but I see nothing and no one. I hate to say this but I am finding it hard to believe you at this moment for being in a profession that trusts nothing but tangible substances” Josh struggled to put forth his stance.

Josh’s words made Sally wary and restless. There was a burst out of tears and a hysteria filled out the empty space of the room around ” you don’t believe me!!! No one does!!! You won’t believe me even if show you these” She flashed her shoulders that had bruise marks all over.

As Josh slightly leaned over Sally to have a look at the bruises there was a noise in the backyard. Suddenly the door opens and enters Tracy along with Henry.

Both the parties in a fix with regard to the position of their counterparts.

To be continued….

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