I Sense A Presence – Final

Tears and blood started flowing at an equal pace leaving Henry inert and collapsed at Sally’s feet. His gaze locked at her face with many questions struggling to find a voice.

Sally got down at her knees, gently ran her fingers through Henry’s hair, and blew softly repeatedly and her voice choked with pain “I am sorry honey, I had to help Anne. For so many days she suffered silently. He cheated on her. As she spoke to him she raised her left-hand and kept it angled at shoulder level as if someone was sitting next to her. She looked that side and nodded in agreement to something.

It was unbearable to Henry now, the pain as well as Sally’s lunacy. He groaned in agony “Stop it! Stop it! tell me why I am being punished this way?” He mustered the strength and tightened his grip around Sally’s throat, now his tone was filled with rage. “Answer me”

Sally wrestled to get herself out of his grip and in her bid to do so, she crashed a wooden bowl on Henry’s head that her hand managed to get from the table behind her. Henry lost the grip and was wriggling in pain. Sally gasped for breath.

Now Sally chucked the cloak of innocence and grief she was hiding in. She pulled Henry’s hair and her face was in extreme proximity to his as she said ” You can fool the law, not me? Seems you care about Tracy more than me, like my father, isn’t it?”. The villainous smirk, anger, and blood on her face made her look demonic that no one is aware of. And it was her counter-question that rattled Henry beyond belief.

With a struggle Henry asked, “you knew it all the time, isn’t it?”

She laughed like a maniac and paused to look and answer him. “I was fortunate to get a whip of dirty rotten secrets of my father. I found how he used to meet Tracy secretly to give her the fatherly love that he deprived her of. I kept silent until mom (Sally’s mom was dead long back) spoke to me. I realized my father cheated on two ladies. And he dares to give away not only love but what was MINE, a part of my properties. My nerves imploded as my mom stood there asking me how I will set things right and I had to put him at rest. I wish he had seen our marriage though. Mom told me, he is a well-behaved man now. And when we moved here, I met Anne. I offered my shoulder to lean on but saw my pillar of strength crumbling under the cascades of tresses of my nemesis. You tell me what wrong I have done. How can I part from what is rightfully Mine, be it property or Love, My Love !”.

Sally’s statement left Henry more puzzled than putting an end to his trauma. Is she a victim of undiagnosed, unattended mental illness that breached her sanity completely, or is she a smart criminal who knows how to use her cards well? Why she waited so long, what happened that night between the ladies is still a mystery.

“But now you don’t have your love. You should have trusted me instead of Anne” Henry said as he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. Clutching to his wound tightly, he felt how slowly his breath was escaping his body.

Sally kissed Henry passionately as he lied motionless “I am sorry, I was hard on you but can you blame me? Seeing you in her arms is more painful than anything else. Now I can rest” and she sang a lullaby the entire night, keeping Henry’s head in her lap.


Josh at his home (relieved after months) accidentally ran into grandma’s letter. He read it over and over. Was it a coincidence of mental illnesses and unfortunate happenings or something else beyond his capabilities and understanding that occurred in that house, that grabbed his attention after his friend got home? He decided to meet and greet Sally the next day.

As the doorbell rang, Sally slightly peeped from the window upstairs, holding the diary of Anne Turner, and said ” Anne, Josh is here, to see me. Do you think he will love me truly?”…

9 thoughts on “I Sense A Presence – Final

  1. How did you even cook up such a mystery in your clean and pure mind, Kalpana? How could you even think of such a story which continued for 25 episodes? My head is reeling as the sweet Sally image was unraveled. Now I am pitying Tracey. But yet, my love for Sally won’t be lessened at all. I simply loved that character and Josh seemed to be a puppet only at the end of the story. Lol

    Great story and I am sure this will earn a better response outside WordPress. Congratulations! I had to read 15 due episodes since I saw your WhatsApp warning which seemed like nothing but a knife. :p

    Liked by 1 person

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