The Longing

Chapter 1

It was around 3PM when Richard was sitting idle at the cash counter of his café located in the center of the town Merryton. It wasn’t a big town but the footfall wasn’t that bad either at “See You”, the café owned by Richard. It was raining hard outside and since the lunchtime of surrounding offices was over there was no crowd in the café. Richard got busy with his phone when the chimes at the door rattled and a lady entered the café.

She lowered her umbrella and it was the first time Richard saw her. And her looks were not of a kind that could bowl over someone at the first glance itself. She was a lady of a medium built, standing 5″3 feet, pale complexion, and what caught Richard’s attention was her puzzled face. “Looking for something Miss?” asked Richard. “Can I get something to drink?” the lady replied in a meek voice.

Richard handed over the menu to her and took the corner most seat in the café and settled with her bag and umbrella. A shaking finger pointed at “café latté” as she showed the same to Richard standing next to her seat to take the order (since the café was vacant he didn’t bother to call for the attending staff, he wouldn’t mind doing the chores himself at times).

She had her coffee, sat there for about an hour and left after the rain receded. As long as she was in the café, Richard who randomly looked at his customer inadvertently twice or thrice noticed her nervousness with which she held the cup and drank from it. Her eyes were deep and sad. The moment Richard started noticing her eyes, she looked at him and he turned away his gaze, feeling awkward.

She got up to leave, made the payment at the counter and with a smile said “nice coffee” and left. Richard felt awkward for a little longer and back to his business.

She came back the next day, around the same time and Richard recognized her. And she gave the same order. And then she kept coming back to the café, every day, same time, same order and spent the same time. Her familiarity with the place and Richard kept growing yet they didn’t speak to each other other than exchanging pleasantries. Richard now started looking forward to seeing her and was certainly a bit conscious about his newfound longing. Something was captivating about her sad eyes and a pleasant smile. She was indeed growing upon him.

And finally after two months of the lady’s visit Richard asked her name. She smiled and as she was about to tell her name the fire alarm in the kitchen went off, and before they could talk any further there was a commotion in the café…


Richard silenced the alarm on his phone and sat upright perspiring and searched for his walking stick. He is blind now…

To Be continued….

4 thoughts on “The Longing

  1. You have become a mystery queen now, Kalpana. I am wondering if we saw Richard’s present and past all together in the first chapter itself there will be a lot of mysteries that are going to be revealed about the events in the middle. Wow! Mysterious Brain of Mrs. Vogeti! Hats off!

    Liked by 1 person

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