My Prized Possession

A question that put me in a dilemma,

What is your prized possession?

That one thing that reminds of you,

And not passed on in succession.

I glanced with pride at the riches amassed,

But saw them settle down as rubble beyond a trace, 

when fierce winds of time stuck with the lightening of change,

the proprietorship had a change of name and face.

I turned my gaze towards kith and kin,

looking through the prism of realisation.

They are bonds that bound me with responsibility and compassion

but soon will abandon me taking their route to liberation.

I contemplated my success and laurels.

But the happiness eluded me constantly,

as my desires soared in copious amounts and hunger was insatiable.

Everything I clasped with my fingers evaporated instantly.

Fatigue overpowered my soul and I collapsed,

at the threshold of reckoning and awareness.

My face was tucked deep in the vast dunes of sand called time,

As the incessant pain blurred my vision, I discovered queerness.

Oscillating between hope and despair I made quite a few marks,

trending between imprudence and wisdom, I left my footprints.

Travelling from a person to a personality, I have covered a huge stretch

Assessing gains and losses along the path, I had my own stint.

My abode will dissipate into the cosmos as dust,

my soul will have a new haven and destinations will have new seekers.

But my journey will resonate with my name forever,

for the paths may be common but the imprints differ.

My journey is my prized possession!!

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