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Sometimes a good remark reminds you of your own importance in your own life.

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Hi Everyone,

Jaane bhi do beta, bachchein hain” (let it go dear they are kids) often heard my grandparents say this and my in laws and parents saying this whenever my anger is about to erupt at my kids.  I am sure all of you must have.  “Grand” parents – this generation is always closer to their third generation i.e. “Grand” children.

Grandparents always shower their grandchildren with love, more love and gifts too  because they always feel they have been miser in “showing” their love towards their kids.  So it is their chance to spend all that they have kept in themselves.  And we call it pampering.  What do they expect in return?  Nothing but time with their grandchildren.  They want to relive their childhood walking hand in hand with their third generation.

So do grandparents stand synonym to pampering only?  Pampering is just like seasoning on a delicious…

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Hi Everyone,

We all have been watching movies/ advertisements since childhood.  Not only that, many bits from this virtual world of media have etched a deeper place in our hearts and minds.  A memory saved, a habit acquired, a style followed, imitation or emulation or simply given a thought about something that has been seen, it could be anything but not ineffective.  Isn’t it true?

Since we are talking about community cleanliness I want to talk about how media both print and electronic could influence/ rather influencing the efforts in this direction.

Media be it any form-print or electronic impacts our lives in one or other way.  I am not talking any rocket science.  But how could media act as a catalyst in instigating a change, be it a thought or a process.  It is simple.  It is the reach media have that makes it an important player when change…

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With the second month of the year almost drawing to an end I might look too late to share this fabulous piece. But then the very essence of the message delivered in this article shouldn’t be missed, therefore here it is. Penned by friend Chiradeep (Charlie of Candles Family 😀) definitely deserves your time. Take a look:

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CHRONOS and KAIROS are two Greek words which have been used to describe TIME. Chronos refers to the chronological time and Kairos refers to the indeterminate moment or the opportune moment that is right for something to occur. 

A new year doesn’t bring any changes to our life. It is just a part of the Chronos time which begins when another calendar year finishes. That’s why Sreepriya testified, for her, a New Year came and went as yet another normal day. There was never a celebration or a get-together. It was just a normal day to look forward to. Even for me this new year didn’t bring anything good apart from a reason to thank the Lord for letting me step into it.

A date, a time really can not take away our sorrows and bring joys into our life. In fact, the day or time we experience joy is the day or…

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Silence Isn’t Golden In An Abusive Relationship

It’s almost a regime for me to talk to my bestie. We share our deepest darkest secrets, hearty laughs, saddest moments day in and day out. Few days back amidst such exchange of emotions she told me about a brawl that broke down in the premises of her husband’s office following a missed call. You […]



Read this painful truth penned down by my friend Rajnandini, an amazing writer and a great human being. And don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Think before you dream!! Do we really need to think before we dream? Does dreaming need careful preplanning? What then would be a dream that requires careful calculations and speculations?

This may seem to be an article with a negative note. But, I chose to write it so as to give a peek into many dreams that are left unrealized. I have seen many dreams shattered simply because things didn’t eventually add up when the time came for the rosy dreams to see the light of the day.

Instance 1

A boy excelling in his studies had lofty dreams of making it big in life – to go abroad for higher studies and fulfill his ambition. He was confident of making it big. When the time came however, he had to give in to emotional pressure from his parents who wanted their son to stay close to them and not…

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Since Valentine’s Day is round the corner I would like to first narrate a petty romantic incident from my life.  Hope you all enjoy reading this:

I am hopelessly romantic (yet another revelation from my side about myself 😀) constantly fed on celluloid romance. My idea of Valentine’s Day – Roses, Chocolates, Candle light dinner and everything that make our movies a “Magnum Opus” and runs an entire industry called Bollywood 😀.

My dream of a perfect Valentine’s Day never materialised till that day.  Year – 2012, 14th February, entire day passed and it was turning out to be any other day.   Around 8PM I got a call from a delivery man asking for the directions for the address that left me calculating permutations and combinations.

Who it could be?”, “What it could be”,Why after all?” Numerous questions lingering on in my mind.  My father…

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I was chatting with my friend few weeks ago. And our conversation shifted from daily routine of our lives to his daughter’s education.  He brought up an important issue that he came across in her school.  The teachers at school expressed their displeasure at the child’s inability to converse in English.  That came across as real shock for the father.  Since the day she was born till she stepped out of her home she was habituated listening to her mother tongue.

So whose fault is it, the parents’ or the child?  Or why it is fault at first place, is my question or rather concern.  English is just a language, isn’t it?  Practice it and master it and for the little kid she is it’s pretty easy.  But the modern education perhaps what we see nowadays is all about the obsession with one language “English”.  So much so  that speaking…

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Is anyone out there who haven’t travelled by air?  I guess that’s a silly question.  Every second person must have.

If yes, here comes my next question.  Have you carefully heard the safety instructions? Not much interested after first time, isn’t it?  But one instruction that it is very much in line with the human psyche and made a deep impact on my mind and laid foundation for this write-up

“Wear your masks properly before helping others”

Unless you are safe and secured you can’t help the co-passengers, how well said.

This reminds me of numerous incidents in my life involving me, my family where desperation to help others have almost every time led us into soup.

A petty example – page from golden days –  one of my junior requested me ” Didi (sister) can you get me an ice cream from the vendor standing in front of the…

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