I Sense A Presence

Sally moved to her new house with Henry. Constructed in 1920s the house is as old as Darwin’s theory of survival. Yet the bewitching beauty it had was uncanny. A beautiful lawn, French windows with juliet balconies, spacious and luminous interiors, staircase inside the house running from the dining area to the bedrooms, antique fireplace and everything mesmerising. And the best part of the deal was of course the price. The previous owners were in a haste to sell and the new ones didn’t mind it.

They moved in, they were settling in. Amidst the everything beautiful Sally discovered a dilapidated patch in the kitchen. “How I missed this earlier” she wondered. And as she gave it a prolonged gaze it appeared as a human face. For next so many days whenever Sally entered the kitchen she would inadvertently turn to look at the patch. It appeared to be growing and caught Sally’s attention and kept her engrossed. She thought of bringing it up with Henry but he was out of the town for 15 days. “Let’s not worry him, I shall wait”. After few days she tried to paint that patch but now the face on the wall was more evident. With the paint peeling away in certain proportions at certains places it developed into a face of wailing woman. That scared Sally even more.

She left the kitchen with lights on. Henry was expected to return the next evening but due to an unexpected delay in the flight routine he didn’t turn up.

Finally the day came and passed. After having waited for Henry for long Sally went to the kitchen to wind up. There was an eerie silence all over. She got busy in her work and sensed a faint growling sound behind her. She ignored it and continued working thinking must be from neighbourhood. As the work prolonged the voice grew stronger, so did the fear. Sally’s heart raced at an abnormal speed and she at once left everything and hastened upstairs. But then suddenly a hand grabbed her scuttling feet, pulling her with a brute force. Whole house was filled with her screams and in a minute she found herself being dragged into the darkness she was oblivious about. With all the might she could muster kicked back at the grip around her feet and rose….

Only to realise that it was a dream. She was drenched in sweat. But before she could have a sense of relief the same scary sound that followed her in her dream was still echoing in her ears. Not from distant quarters but next to her and before she could trace the source, a hand clasped her toring the darkness in the room. And she freaked out!!!! It was Henry next to her, snoring. Sally’s shriek woke up Henry who was more or less shocked.

“What happened Honey, you scared me” frowned Henry.

“Scared you!!! What are you doing here? I mean how you came and when? And who on earth snors like this? Gross!! Its you who scared the hell out of me like that lady” Sally was out of breath by this time leaving Henry clueless.

“Lady? By the way due to the delay in flight I arrived late and since I had the keys with me I sneaked in and realised that you already slept, so decided not to disturb you and just collapsed, sorry dear. But you were talking about a lady, what happened” enquired a worried husband.

And then Sally rushed to show Henry the face on the wall only to leave him burst out laughing, that left Sally fretting.

“You and your fetish for horror movies and stories! Stop imagining things darling. We bought a house nothing less than an antique. Some repairs are still pending. This “face” is nothing but might be a result of some broken water pipe running behind the walls. How did you miss the dampness so evident. I will call the plumber tomorrow to see what can be done. Now let’s go” Henry escorted Sally to the bedroom.

Before she left the kitchen Sally gave another look at the patch which now seemed to be smirking at her, probably all in her mind or may not be…..