Not just a cup of coffee


Hi Everyone,

(It could be your story too😉)

John was waiting for the lift to arrive at his 10th floor apartment.  He seemed to be a little restless and a little agitated. Shaking one leg in nervousness he was anything but calm.  To add to his irritation lift was taking a life time to arrive.   And imagine if one is greeted with a foolish question in the morning when the mind is dancing amidst the tides of negative emotions and face is reluctant to show anything except frown.

“Good morning Mr.John, waiting for the lift? asked one of his neighbour as he opened the door to collect milk bottles left at his door.  Answer to this question is  quite obvious but John sarcastically (not in so good spirit ) said “no sir I am waiting for the next Rajnikanth (Indian superstar) movie to release”.  And when you are in a bad state of mind (read bad mood, irritation mode) it really pisses you off when your sarcasm is replied with a pinch of salt.  And John’s neighbour did the same when he said “do let me know when it is released” with a chuckle.

Before John could say anything else the lift arrived and the neighbour closed the door behind his back.  John entered into the lift and the descend begun.  As soon as he reached his car in the parking lot another question awaited him.

“Good morning Mr.John, going to office?” another neighbor  asked.  To this John gave another twisted answer which was really dry (more or less rude).  He said “no, who told you that I am going to office today.  Actually I was planning to visit discotheque on a Monday morning dressed formally, what fun it would be when probably even the bouncers won’t be there at the entrance”.  “You are a funny guy” said the neighbor and left.  So did John.

On reaching office he was immediately summoned to his boss’ cabin. A real headache!

His boss said “John you need to pull up your socks, month end is round the corner and still we are far away from the target.  Buck up, buck up!”  John was listening to all this with a straight face but inside him a voice was yelling “stop pulling my leg first, your month end starts from the 15th itself and I have pulled up my socks enough that now I can see the tear in that.  You want me to pull up my socks so that you could buy a tuxedo for yourself.  You selfish beast”.  But all he could do is listen and leave.

As he was leaving his boss’ cabin he met his friend who wished him.  Almost at the breaking point John said “I have a request, if you don’t want to jeopardize our friendship don’t ask me anything and don’t say anything to me right now.  Just let’s go and grab a cup of coffee” and almost at the wind speed without awaiting friend’s consent he took him to canteen.  His friend was in a fix looking at John’s face.

A sip off a steaming cup of coffee felt so soothing on tounge but the real effect was something beyond words. Ecstasy it was.

“Hmmm, now I can think and talk properly.  I just can’t tell how I much I missed you” John was uttering while letting coffee soothe his senses on a rather bumpy day.  His friend was watching him astonished and thought “really?  You missed me, funny, isn’t it?  To this John said “of course it is funny because I was talking about this cup of coffee which I missed having in the morning.  It’s not just a cup of coffee but the very much-needed kickstart to the day.  I can do without liquid cash for few days, can go on instant noodle diet for few weeks, can work overtime without being paid for few months but nothing would drive me crazy just as a missed cup of coffee in the morning.  The mood swings caused by a missed cup of coffee are just as PMS would do to women.  I can relate to that, in fact every avid coffee lover could relate to this.

It’s simply not just a cup of coffee you see 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Maddening

21 thoughts on “Not just a cup of coffee

  1. A nice one…Like you said, there are many who love coffee..I always like to start my day with either hot coffee or tea..On weekdays I have tea and on weekends coffee…


  2. A good cup of brewed tea or coffee…. really kickstarts my day…. without which I feel incomplete. I drink only two cups of tea in a day one in the morning one evening…. but if I miss one then I can’t concentrate….


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