It isn’t working anymore

Hello everyone,

They are a “happily” married couple.  It’s been five years now.  Both are working, securing happiness for future at the expense of precious present.  Husband works in a night shift where as wife works in 9 AM to 5 PM shift.  When one enters the other leaves.  Their communication – Facebook updates and WhatsApp emoticon.

On one destined day husband enters home very tired and feeling sleepy.  Saw wife, but strangely she was not in a rush to get ready for office.  Husband “good morning darling, you are not getting ready for office?   Are you alright? he enquired stretching himself.

She gave an unexpected answer.

Wife:  We need to talk.  Can I have your five minutes?

Husband (in a state of confusion, nodded his head in affirmative and sat beside her on the couch) Tell me, what’s it?

Wife (with a long face):  It isn’t working anymore.  We need to work out a solution for this.  I tried to repair it many times but no use.  I can’t take it anymore.

Husband (his heart sank, he loved her so much and wanted their relationship to work) Please  don’t do this to me.  I am sure there will be a way out.  I promise to take leave for next week and if possible change my shift.  I promise to help you in daily chores.  I promise there won’t be pungent smell of half doused cigarettes or heap of clothes lying in laundry.  Please don’t leave me we will make it work. (He was about to cry).

Wife (moved closer to him, threw her arms over him in order to console him):  why are you getting emotional?  I was talking about my phone, it keeps on hanging every now and then.  I tried to repair it many times but it is not working.  Can’t you make it out as there has been no Facebook update since last two days: what I ate, what I have been watching, what mood I am in, what I am reading, where I am.  How could you miss such an important clue?

Husband sighed in relief but thought “have I committed too much in anticipation and anxiety?”😉

Next day he gifted her a new phone and as promised took a leave to spend time with her and two months later got his shift changed as well.

And they lived happily ever after😇




via Daily Prompt: Pungent

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