Countless memories and countless emotions

Source: Participating in Prompts and Challenges

Hi Everyone,

Every soul that takes birth on this earth be it any form of life has a journey which we call “life cycle”.  For souls in human body this journey of life is filled and marked with “Countless” memories and emotions.

Taking a ride down the memory lane, brushing aside the dust from the pictures life is standing as a flashback in front of my eyes and I am watching it without battling the eyelids.

A simple girl from a middle class family who loves to-day dream having high hopes and aspirations for future.  Academically good (at least everyone thought so 🙂 ) parents, teachers, friends and even myself had high expectations from me that I would do well in life.  Out of school, now in college.  A different and a bigger world.  Lessons were not just a part of classroom but every relationship that we develop here teaches a new and important lesson which helps you solve future questions.  Days were passing happily amidst friends.  Suddenly a crises stuck family.  I don’t want to go in-depth of that crises but that crunch situation made us strong.  Strong as a family, strong as a human being.  Our perceptions towards life has changed.  It taught us to be responsible.  It was during that period that I took up a job to do my bit as a family member and continued my studies alongside.  Even during that period of crises I never let pessimism bog me down.  Always kept head high and dreamt of doing better and better.  Finished my graduation and eventually did my post graduation and came out with flying colours.

That was the time when I amassed a huge treasure of countless memories.  Memories of true friendship, pure relationships and bitter truths about few opportunists and money minded misers that I came across in my life are so deeply etched in my heart.

Now after that struggle coming back to present where am I standing today?  Sincerely speaking I have no clue myself.  I have no chaos in life, no crises and everything seems perfect.  With a loving husband and two lovely kids I am leading a comfortable life.  But this is all what meets eye.  A deep introspection would reveal darkness surrounding my heart with no ray of hope.  I have a big conflict going on inside me.  I am standing at a point of no redemption where inch by inch the optimist in me is dying.  Serving my family gives me immense pleasure, no doubt in that but to be able to do something independently, to be financially independent is something I always wanted.  My first earning could possibly put an end to the unrest going on in my heart.  Countless job applications and equal number of rejections have given rise to the pessimist in me who is slowly eating away my confidence.  A question arises constantly from within ” Am I really worthless ?”.   No amount of positive talk is able to lift my momentum of positive thoughts.  Everything concerning me seems to be negative and wrong.  Engulfed with countless negative thoughts and emotions I am drawing myself in a shell.  At this point my partner suggested me to write.  I thought this could possibly help me release the pressure mounting on inside me.  At this very moment I would like to thank him for this piece of idea as this activity which was once my favorite activity as a student is definitely helping me search my real self.

Still waiting for that day when I can once again in complete love with myself and dare to dream.



9 thoughts on “Countless memories and countless emotions

  1. Kalpana, you are very brave, to own it up so candidly. I know you from childhood and have seen you taking the storm, head on. More power to you lady. You made me speechless.Many can reveal the sunshine of their lives, but it requires guts to offer a glimpse into one’s darkness. May you get the best in life!

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  2. Kalpana, don’t let anything or anyone steal your power away from you. You are an incredible woman with so much to offer the world. Just because doors are shutting and it seems dark and lonely…don’t give up! Believe in yourself, love yourself. Let your light shine brightly so others see it. If doors are closed to you right now be thankful…it might not be the best opportunity for you now. Believe there is a door that is out there that will swing wide open and let you walk in and will lift you and serve you well. Your honesty is freeing, keep writing let your heart pour out and keep believing! I believe in you and I know the are others that believe in you as well…just make it around this next corner and it will all be different…promise! Love and hugs!

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  3. It is difficult to overcome this darkness you have within you, but believe the opportunity you are waiting for is out there. When the time is right it will come to you.
    Meanwhile, keep on loving your family, keep on loving yourself, and keep on writing.
    And finally, you are tremendously brave to put your problems out into the big world. Stay brave.

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      1. Yes, you may. Just a warning, though, that I’m not regularly on Instagram so you may have to wait a while for a reply, but you will get one.
        I can’t remember my address, either.
        Also, please call me Vivienne.


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