Voyage of a letter



Hi Everyone,

It’s not just with people we develop emotions over a period of time but we tend to connect emotionally with few things as well.  If only we have heart to listen we can sense that “sense of belonging” even from non living objects.  I am sure  we all have such things in our lives which are not just things but a part of our lives by the virtue of many factors like something gifted to us by someone really special, something bought from our first salary, significant time markers like the first, the last and so on.

And this is a story of one such thing, a “Letter”, its a story of its “Voyage”.

With two kids growing up my house can always be tagged as a mess at any given point of time.  On a weekday I decided to do some substantial amount of cleaning as kids were off to school.  Emptying drawers of a cupboard I found a pile of papers.  I decided to carefully check each and every piece before dumping.

“Hello” I heard a meek voice.  I looked around , no one was there.  It was neither my phone nor television,  nothing.  “Hi its me, here” I suddenly realised it was from a old piece of paper that I was holding.  I was taken aback.  Am I hallucinating, what was that, looked closely.  It was a letter, yes a letter which is washed away from our memories and was lying under the debris of numerous other papers.

“Remember me?” it asked.

“Of course I do” I said in a shaky voice, it was written to me by my grandmother when I finished my high school.

“How are you” I asked it.  Stretching itself with arms pointing  north it said ” I am old now, don’t you think so?  Very rarely remembered and forgotten completely.  Preparing to rest in peace soon”.

It was right, had it not been for cleaning up purpose I would not have reached it.  And yes it looked very old and fragile, torn at places.  But still had that warmth and aroma of my grandmother’s love.

“I am sorry, with my busy schedules I couldn’t pay attention to you,  all these years I have been oblivion to your feelings.  Now that we have met tell me something about yourself, tell me about your journey so far”  I insisted.

With a sigh and a pretentious smile on its face it began “I was born to connect people and bring them closer.  I travelled long distances only to let people know that their loved ones miss them, love them and waiting for them.  I was the most important guest anyone in the world waited for.  Along with me I used to bring smiles and celebrations.  But sometimes conveying a heart breaking message was also my responsibility, that burden also rested on my shoulders.  And it’s not just that I served one or two generations before you.  I had royal dealings as well as without me no law could have been passed.  I was once upon a time in prime of my age”.

“Then, what happened?” I interrupted.

“Just as territories are invaded and annexed, birth of my step siblings have overthrown me from my throne and left me in lurch.  I am talking about the SMS and E-Mail.  They are fast, charge almost nothing and cater well to this generation’s needs.  I am a forgotten empire now” it said and shrugged.

I asked it “Aren’t you jealous?”  It said ” if something or someone is born there needs to be an end, and this is mine.  But I am not jealous a bit.   What I enjoyed in life they can never even fathom about.  Every time I was about to set out for a journey I was personally, carefully and beautifully adorned as a bride.  Even when I was about to carry a sad news I was paid full attention to detail.  What else I can ask my patrons for.  This is it, this is my Voyage slowly inching towards its destination of extinction”.

My vision blurred, tears filled in, carefully kept aside the letter, tried to hurry up as time was ticking but heart and mind still full of our conversation.



Source: Voyage

4 thoughts on “Voyage of a letter

  1. I loved your fictional write. Letters can talk. If they can, they can talk about terrorists too. I loved the line where SMS and Emails were compared to Terrorists. Well written.
    Yes ! I too miss writing letters with pen and paper. Those ‘Dear’ and ‘With Love’. Ha ha golden days. There was a book named Gokulam, which was meant for children, 15 yrs ago. I don’t know if it still exists now. There was a column for penpals. So, writing letters started over there, from all over the world, I used to get letters for penpals. And that was amazing to write back.
    You made me remember those days.. Thank you 🙂

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