Partying in Desert

Hi Everyone,

Eating dessert in desert with none other than my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio and having the most engaging conversation ever of my life.

Me: How come you are here?

Him:  Searching my Titanic.

Me:  Here?  Wasn’t it sailing on Atlantic and it’s a desert here.

Him:  Actually I lost my GPS.

Me:  So why are you looking for Titanic?

Him: My GPS was on that ship only.

Me: OK.  So where is your car parked?

Him: Near my apartment.

Me: Where is it?

Him: Down the road.

I looked around and could see nothing but sand and sand everywhere.  And said OKAY!

Him: How come you are here?

Me: I lost my GPS too.

Him: Where is your car?

Me: I didn’t drive but I flew down in my chopper.

Him:  That sounds wonderful, so where is your helipad?  Must be down the street, right?

Me:  No, it’s here only in my imagination.  You see choppers can land anywhere.

He raised his eyebrow and nodded head in amusement.

Me:  So what are you up to these days?

Him: Planning to manufacture vacuum cleaners.  So much to be cleaned here you see!

Me:  So you are planning to take sand out of desert.  Sounds great. But what would you do with all the sand?

Him:  Planning to donate to kids who want to build castles. what are your plans for future?

Me:  Planing to construct power plants here because your vacuum cleaners can’t work without power, right?  I can be the brand ambassador for your vaccum cleaners as well.

Him: What? Really! I will be so grateful to you if you agree to do so.

Me:  It’s my pleasure.  After all cleaning is my middle name.  I do it day in and day out.

Him: Shall we sign the contract now?

Papers are on table, he gave me the pen.  As soon as I took the pen to sign it rained hard😯 yes out of nowhere in the middle of desert it rained hard.  And my dream washed away.  And my alarm clock was snoozing.😡.

Yes its a dream folks.  I am sure such instances of funniest dreams might have crossed your paths as well at some point or other.  Dreams give us the independence of walking on oceans, flying in clouds and of course partying in deserts😀.  Dreams portray unimaginable feats and give us those moments to be cherished, though for a short span of time but they do draw a line on our faces😊

Don’t hesitate to let me know your funniest dream😊.


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