Journey of girl to woman

Hi Everyone,

A girl is born.  And the mother holds her close to her heart and whispering into her ears “I love you” and a tear trickles down her cheek.  In her thoughts she said to herself “now I am complete, and you have completed me”.

Girl is growing up, so is the mother.  She is reliving her childhood in the purity of her child’s smile.  She is finding solace in the innocence of her child’s acts.  She has promised herself to be a way for her child to materialize her dreams but be never in the way of her dreams.  For the mother her child is the world and can take the world head on for her child.

As the girl was growing up her inquisition on everything grew.  Her curiosity was reflected in her questions and the happiness of a mother was reflected in her eyes when she patiently answered her questions. “My daughter is clever” she thought and rejoiced in the thought.

One fine day the daughter asked mother “when is the life of a woman complete?”

To this the mother answered like this:

Let me take you through the journey of a girl to woman.

When a girl is born it is the beginning of her journey.

When she becomes a sister her journey is completed 25℅. This phase is marked with sibling rivalries,yet no dearth of love and care.

She grows up and she becomes a lover to someone.  Journey is completed 50℅.  In this phase of life she gives love that can change lives.  She can influence a person to such an extent that she can make or break.

Now she is married and a wife.  Her journey is 75% completed.  She is now a symbol of responsibility, sacrifice, strength.  She is the anchor of a family.

But journey of a woman is never completed if she is not a mother at heart.  Every woman might not have the gift of becoming a mother biologically but the term “mother” is never restricted to any such phenomenon.  It’s the role of a mother that completes the journey of a woman.  It encompasses every emotion that I have shared above. Love, care, responsibility, sacrifice, values… Everything that underlines and justifies the existence  of a human being on earth.

“And you will understand this when you will be mother yourself” said mother beautifully.

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11 thoughts on “Journey of girl to woman

      1. Yes, I know it wasn’t completely published. But, it was there and I read how much you wrote and commented. It was my honest review for your uncompleted post


  1. Though the blog is written beautifully, I don’t completely agree with it. I feel that woman’s completeness is not related to her being sister, wife, mother etc. Be it a boy or girl, I think, they feel complete, only when they understand their purpose of life and strive towards it. The completeness comes with the satisfaction in life. Satisfaction may or may not come in crossing the stages of sister, lover, wife, mother etc.

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