One More Time…

The bird of hope fluttered high and was dashed strongly with disappointment. Bruised and hurt, everyone expected it to give up, but it said “just hurt, not broken yet, let me try One More Time”.

It soared high again, hiding its pain under the wings of smile. Thunder of failure burnt its wings, making it crash to the depths of despair and doom. But it said, “just broken, not dead yet, let me try One More Time”.

It kept looking at the skies, marred by the dark clouds of pessimism yet searching for the silver lining to guide its way. In its longing, breath eluded its body and it said “just dying, not finished yet, I will find you again & try One More Time”.

**A page from every success story where every hurdle became a stepping stone, every failure became a lesson future reference, every insult became fuel to “try One More Time”.

10 thoughts on “One More Time…

  1. Disappointment often comes from things we can’t control. This new year, my main goal is to try my very best and release the things I can’t control. Enjoyed the prose in this. Feel free to read my latest post providing advice for creative professionals looking for new opportunities in the upcoming year on

    Stay blessed and well! Happy New Year!

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  2. We have that hope within us and that trust in God which make us to move forward and give it a try one more time. I understand the very emotions behind this writing and I know you are among the victors, not victims.

    Probably the video I made was kind of close to this theme – I will face it without fear, with a hope one more time.

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